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North East Railway Projects

There are a number of projects currently happening on the North East Rail Line. These include the North East Rail Line Upgrade and the Inland Rail project. Find out more on these projects below.

North East Rail Line Project

The North East Rail Line project is designed to improve the reliability and ride quality for passengers on North East rail line services. 

The project will:

  • improve passenger service reliability by upgrading track condition and addressing the main causes of delays
  • improve ride quality and comfort for travelers by reducing bumps experienced during travel
  • reduce the causes of major delays that can impact services such as signal failures due to signal wire theft.

The Australian Government has committed $235 million to this project which will upgrade the entire rail line from Melbourne to Albury/Wodonga.The improvements will bring the North East line up to a ‘Victorian Class 2’ track performance standard, in line with other long-distance regional rail lines in Victoria.

For more information, visit the ARTC website below or one of the listed resources.


Inland Rail

The Inland Rail is the largest freight rail infrastructure project in Australia. It comprises of 13 individual projects and spans more than 1,700km, providing for a transit time of 24 hours or less for freight trains between Melbourne and Brisbane, passing through regional Victoria. 

For more information on the project and how it will impact Wangaratta, visit the ARTC website below.

Designs are currently on display for the proposed Wangaratta Station pedestrian overpass. Click on the link below to see the designs.

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