To make a customer request relating to rates, changing your personal details with Council or requesting a fencing notice please use the options below. 

Request a copy of your rates notice

Request a copy of your rates notice using the button below. 

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Request to change address or personal details

Click the button below to update your address and personal details with Council. 

Update details

Request fencing notice

If you are intending to construct a dividing fence or do major repairs to a common fence you might need a fencing notice. This is a formal document that sets out a proposal for construction or repair of a dividing fence or other works that need to be done. You can not go ahead and build a dividing fence or do repairs on a dividing fence unless you either have your neighbour’s agreement OR you have issued them with a fencing notice. If you are able to come to an agreement like this with your neighbour, then the fencing works can go ahead as agreed without the need for a fencing notice.

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Request payment arrangement

If you are finding it difficult to pay your rates by the due date please contact our Rates team as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances and options available. 

Alternatively you can request a payment plan for your rates account below. Please note that interest will be charged at 10% per annum until the account is brought up to date.

Financial Advice

You can also access free, confidential and independent financial advice and assistance through:

  • MoneyHelp:Free financial counselling and information on money management and budgeting 
  • National Debt Helpline:  Free service that helps people tackle their debt problems
  • Rural Financial Counselling Service: Free financial counselling for primary producers, fishing enterprises or small rural businesses experiencing hardship.

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If your request does not fit any of the above categories, submit a general request using the button below. 

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