Why work with us

We want to make the Rural City of Wangaratta a great place to work. We offer various incentive to our employees to achieve this. 

Flexible Working Arrangements

We offer flexible working arrangements including starting and finishing times, part time hours, working from home and time in lieu. Flexible working arrangements can assist employees in maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Job Sharing

Where practical, employees can undertake a job share arrangement. Job sharing can provide a balance between work and other activities including family responsibilities. Employees who job share receive all benefits as full time employees but on a pro-rata basis.

Training and Development

We are committed to providing employee training and development opportunities. By providing these opportunities, our employees can be even more awesome at their jobs.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Permanent full time or part time employees are entitled to maternity or paternity leave and up to one week of paid pre-natal leave.

Up to 52 weeks of maternity leave can be taken with 14 weeks at full pay or 28 weeks at half pay.

Up to 3 weeks of paternity leave can be taken at full pay or 6 weeks at half pay.

Salary Sacrificing

Employees can take advantage of salary sacrificing opportunities. These include employee contributions to superannuation, access to childcare services provided by Council, rates deductions and novated lease arrangements.


Employee Assistance Program

A free confidential offsite counselling program is available for employees and their immediate family members (living in the employee's household) to use at any time during or outside work hours. EAP provides up to three free consultations to assist staff on a personal and professional level.

Personal Leave

Employees receive a personal leave entitlement of up to 12 days per year or greater to recover from illness or injury. Personal leave is also used as family or carers leave when employees are required to care for a member of their immediate family.

Social Clubs - Indoor and Outdoor

Our Social Clubs aim to improve employee morale and create an opportunity for staff to interact with each other. For a small fee, payable by fortnightly deductions, employees can join either or both of the social clubs and enjoy access to a wide range of social and recreational activities.