Noise and Public Health


Noise concerns

Excessive and ongoing noise can be very disruptive. From loud music, noisy air conditioners, early morning power tools, pool pumps or other sources, Council can investigate reports of ongoing noise issues in line with Victorian legislation.

For one-off noise complaints like late night parties, please call the Police on 13 14 44.


Barking dog noise complaints 

Dogs are an important part of our community, but dogs that bark excessively can become a source of irritation for neighbours and others. Talking to your neighbour about their barking dog is often the best way to resolve the problem as they may not be aware it is barking. For more information about what to do about excessive barking, please refer to the Barking dogs Council website page or select the button below to submit a barking dog request.

Raise a barking dog request


Public health concerns

You can report a range of issues, concerns or complaints to Council, which include:

  • Anaphylaxis concerns

  • Asbestos complaint

  • Bees or wasp complaints

  • Clandestine lab complaints

  • Health premises complaints

  • Odour complaints

  • Outbreaks

  • Smoke complaints

  • Tobacco complaint or query

  • Vermin or pests complaints

Use the buttons below to let us know if you have a noise or public health concern or enquiry.

Make a noise or public health request

Noise and public health concerns

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Odour concerns with Council facilities

If you have any concerns about the following facilities:

  • Bowser landfill
  • Organics facility 
  • Transfer station

Please submit a request via the button below. 

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