Noise and Public Health


Excessive and ongoing noise can be very disruptive. From loud music, noisy air conditioners, early morning power tools, pool pumps or other sources, Council can investigate reports of ongoing noise issues in line with Victorian legislation. Use the buttons below to let us know if there's a noise problem in your neighbourhood.

For one-off noise complaints like late night parties, please call the Police on 13 14 44.

Report a noise issue

You can report several types of noise-related issues to Council, which include:

  • Residential noise (residential property noise affecting another residential property)
  • Commercial or industry noise (noise emanating from a commercial or industrial property) 

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Report a public health issue

You can report several types of health-related issues to Council, which include:

  • Infectious disease outbreak
  • Asbestos contamination
  • Odour
  • Smoke

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If your request does not fit any of the above categories, submit a general request using the button below.

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