Planning Scheme Amendments

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We are required to regularly update the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.    

Updates to the Scheme follow a process outlined in the Planning and Environment Act 1987, which generally involves developing a proposed amendment, publicly exhibiting the amendment to anyone affected by it, then seeking approval from Councillors and finally the Victorian Minister for Planning.

Details of current amendments and other recent amendments can be found below.

Current Amendments

C81 - Flood Overlay and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay

The amendment approved changes to make sure land subject to flooding is classified using up to date information. 

The Wangaratta Urban Waterways Flood Investigation Study Report 2017 which underpins the changes approved by the Amendment, investigated flooding along the Ovens and King Rivers, and Fifteen Mile, One Mile, Three Mile and Reedy Creeks in the following study area defined by the red outline:

C81 Flood Study Area    

The Approved Overlays:

You can view the approved overlays as they relate to your land or surrounding area by using Councils interactive online mapping system (link here), this system allows you to search by address and also turn on aerial imagery as a background layer. 

The Complete Amendment Documentation: View the approved amendment documents here.

Questions:  If you have any further questions please Contact Councils Strategic Planning Department on 03 5722 0888.

C76 Wangaratta Industrial Strategy

What the Amendment Does?

 The amendment implements the relevant recommendations of the Wangaratta Industrial Land Use Strategy 2017 into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme by:

  • Rezoning land and applying relevant planning overlays in accordance with the recommendations of the Strategy.
  • Amending the Local Planning Policy Framework to include the relevant recommendations of the Strategy.
  • Amend Schedules to the Special Use Zone and Design and Development Overlay to update these in line with current Victorian Planning Provision (VPP) templates and use current VPP land use terms. 

Status: Adopted by Council and currently awaiting approval by the Minister for Planning.

Land included: All Industrial Zoned and selected Commercial 2 Zoned land.

More information: View the proposed amendment and check on its latest status here.

C77 Wangaratta Aerodrome

 What the Amendment Does?

The Amendment proposed to implement the objectives of the Wangaratta Aerodrome Master Plan 2017 (WAMP) and the relevant objectives of the Wangaratta Urban Waterways Flood Investigation 2017 (WUWFI) by undertaking the following:

  1. rezoning land from the Public Use Zone 4 to Special Use Zone –Schedule 8;
  2. rezoning land from the Farming Zone to Special Use Zone –Schedule 8;
  3. applying the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) for airspace protection surfaces based on an Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) plan; and
  4. amending the Flood Overlay and the Land Subject to Inundation Overlay Maps in accordance with the WUWFI. 

The amendment does not alter the current Airport Environs Overlay as it applies to the airport and surrounding land. 

Status: This Amendment was approved into the Planning Scheme in May 20201.

Land included: land at the Wangaratta Aerodrome and surrounding areas which are contained within the Obstacle Limitation Surface.

More information: View the proposed amendment and check on its latest status here.

C55 Corrections and Anomalies

Amendment C55 was approved into the Planning Scheme on the 27 August, 2021.  The Amendment rezones land, amends overlay maps and deletes redundant overlay maps to correct mapping anomalies and redundant provisions. The amendment also updates the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay and corrects address errors of heritage sites.


C88 - Reith Road Equine Precinct

What the Amendment does:

The amendment proposes to amend Schedule 7 to the Special Use Zone as it relates to the Reith Road Equine Village. 

The existing Schedule 7 limits ownership of a dwelling / horse stables and the undertaking of animal training to a person registered under the Australian Rules of Racing. This requirement is proposed to be varied to allow a wider variety of Equine users to operate within the proposed village.

Status: The official exhibition period has concluded.  Council has considered all submissions to the amendment and the Panel report and has decided to adopt the amendment.  The amendment has not been submitted to the Minister for Planning for a final decision.

The Subject Site: The subject site described as Lot 2 PS704122M, Reith Road, Wangaratta.

Amendment Documents: All relevant amendment documents can be viewed here

More Information: If you require any further information please contact Councils Strategic Planning Department.

C89 - 75 Carboor - Whorouly Road, Whorouly

What the Amendment does: The Amendment proposes to rezone 75 Carboor-Whorouly Road, Whorouly from Public Use Zone 3 (PUZ3) to Farming Zone (FZ).

Status: Exhibition of the Amendment has concluded and Council has adopted the amendment.  The amendment is now with the Department of Planning and Transport for consideration.

More Information: The Amendment documents can be found at the following link.



C79 Wangaratta Health Precinct Structure Plan

What the Amendment proposes:

In summary the principle focus of the amendment is to:

  • Implement the key recommendations of the Wangaratta Health Precinct Structure Plan 2019 into the Planning Scheme, through specific new local policy, the rezoning of land and the application of overlays.

The amendment also seeks to:

  • Rezone land at 8 Sadler Street, Wangaratta (former Max Parkinson Lodge) from Public Use Zone to General Residential Zone.


  • Amend the single dwelling planning permit trigger in the relevant schedules to the General and Neighbourhood Residential Zones that applies across the Municipality. 

Amendment Documents:

All of the amendment documents can be downloaded from the following link:

The Health precinct Structure Plan:

Councils adopted Health Structure Plan can be found at the following link:

Wangaratta Health Precinct Structure Plan

Frequently Asked Questions:

The following questions have been put together to assist the community in understanding some key aspects of the amendment.  For full details of the amendment please refer to amendment documentation.  

What area of Wangaratta is defined as being in the Health Precinct?

The Health Precinct is defined as being generally bound by a combination of Rowan and Templeton Streets to the north, the Railway Line to the east, Roy Street West to the south and Swan Street to the west. The One Mile Creek passes through the south-western corner of the Study Area.  The map below outlines the Precinct in red.  



Why is Council Rezoning 8 Sadler Street (former Max Parkinson Lodge)?

The rezoning of the land at 8 Sadler Street is to reflect the change of ownership of the land.  The land is no longer in public ownership and the public use zone is no longer appropriate, therefore the amendment proposes rezoning to General Residential Zone which is consistent with the surrounding private land. 

Why is Council altering the permit triggers for the General Residential and Neighbourhood Residential Zones?

Council has resolved to amend the planning permit trigger for the construction of a dwelling on a lot from 500sqm to 300sqm, which is the default position of the zones. 

Why is Council applying the Environmental Audit Overlay (EAO) to sites within the Health Precinct?

The EAO is a planning overlay to recognise land that is considered to be potentially contaminated.  The determination of what land is potentially contaminated is based on an assessment against a set of defined criteria that centres around past and present land uses.

It should be noted that the application of the overlay does not definitively mean that the land is contaminated, it just recognises that it has the potential to be contaminated.

The overlay requires that prior to the establishment of sensitive uses certain investigations must be undertaken to the satisfaction of an EPA accredited auditor to ensure that the land is fit for purpose and safe for the community. 

Exhibition Period:

The amendment is on exhibition between Thursday 16th February to Friday 17th March, 2023.

Making a Submission:

If you would like to make a submission to the amendment, all submissions must be received by COB on Friday 17 March, 2023

Submissions can be sent either via:



Mail:    ATT: STRATEGY UNIT – C79 Health Precinct Structure Plan

                        Rural City of Wangaratta

                        PO Box 238

                        WANGARATTA   VIC   3676

Require Assistance: If you require assistance with the amendment or want to make an appointment to talk to a Strategic Planner please contact us either via or 5722 0888.


C80 - Wangaratta CAA - Urban Design Framework

What the Amendment Does: The amendment implements the recommendations of the Wangaratta Central Activities Area (CAA) - Urban Design Framework 2019 into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.  

The area affected by the Amendment:  The amendment applies to the Wangaratta CAA as highlighted red in the map below:



Exhibition Period: The exhibition period officially commences on the 8th December 2022 and concludes on the 30th January, 2023.  Any submission to the amendment must be made within this timeframe. 

Amendment Documents: The Amendment documents can be found at the following link: here

Frequently Asked Questions: We have put together some questions and answers to assist the community in understanding the amendment:

What is the Urban Design Framework?

  • The Wangaratta Urban Design Framework (2019) or UDF for short is a council document that sets out a vision for both public and private land within the Wangaratta Central Activities Area. It guides future land use and development with the focus in achieving a more cohesive interaction between the private and public realm and the natural environment.

How is this achieved?

There are four ways that this Amendment will incorporate the UDF into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme:


  1. Local policy (Clause 11.03-1L-02) in the Wangaratta Planning Scheme will be updated to include the recommendations of the UDF and give guidance and confidence in decision making for Council officers, landowners and consultants when applying for planning permission.

  2. Rezones several properties to better reflect their current land uses. As it currently stands there are residential properties in the CAA that are used for commercial activities and partially zoned residential/commercial sites. Equally, there is one residential property that is partially affected by the commercial zone. These rezoning's are more of a correction than a sweeping change.


  3. Replace the current Design and Development Overlay Schedule 1 (DDO1) that applies to the Wangaratta Central Activities Area with a new DDO, the coverage of which is extended by the change shown on the picture below.

  4. Introduces the UDF as a background document into the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.


What does the new Design and Development Overlay Schedule 1 (DDO1) do?

  • The new DDO1 will trigger a planning permit for most buildings and works in the CAA. The requirement for a permit is not introduced just by this amendment, because there are additional overlays and zones that will already be the basis for a permit trigger. The new DDO1 will provide guidance for both landowners and council in preparing and assessing planning applications in keeping with the recommendations of the UDF. The DDO1 is designed to provide guidance on:
  • Siting and design;
  • Scale, massing and setbacks;
  • Signage;
  • Accessibility;
  • Car parking;
  • Landscaping;
  • Environmentally sustainable design


Need Assistance: If you require any further information please contact Councils Strategic Planning Department. 













Recent Amendments

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website lists the status of all current and recent amendments to the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.

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