Planning forms

Find the forms you need to complete your application.

Planning Application Form

If you are lodging a new planning permit application this is the appropriate form.

Application-for-Planning-Permit.pdf(PDF, 1000KB)

Application for Secondary Consent

If you want to make minor changes to the plans of an existing planning permit then this is the appropriate form.

The secondary consent process is simpler and cheaper. For more information about the secondary consent process and eligibility you should speak to planning staff. 

 Secondary-Consent-Request-Form-Planning-Permit.pdf(PDF, 143KB)

Application for Extension of Time

If you want an extension to the expiry date of an existing planning permit then this is the appropriate form.

Extension-of-Time-to-a-Planning-Permit-Request-Form.pdf(PDF, 39KB)  

Planning Checklist

This is a guide to the information requirements for planning permit applications.

Planning-Application-Checklist.pdf(PDF, 97KB)

Planning Fee Schedule

This is the schedule of fees for planning permit applications. You should discuss the application with planning staff to confirm the correct fee.

Planning-Subdivision-Fees-20202021.pdf(PDF, 295KB)

Amend a Planning Permit

If you want to amend a planning permit that has already been granted then please use the form below.  An application fee applies.

Amend-A-Planning-Permit.pdf(PDF, 658KB)