Planning forms

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Planning Application Form

Use this form to lodge a new planning permit application.

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Or print a copy here:

Application for Planning Permit(PDF, 1000KB)



Amend a Planning Permit

You can apply for changes to a planning permit that has been issued. There are 2 types of planning permit amendments.

Section 72 Amendment (Major changes)

Any changes proposed to permit conditions, the permit preamble or substantial changes to endorsed plans, requires an application under primary consent, commonly known as a 'Section 72 Amendment'. This may also require public notification of the proposed changes. You will need to submit plans, titles and supporting documentation with your application. Statutory fees apply. 

Secondary Consent Amendment (Minor Changes)

Minor changes to endorsed plans associated with a planning permit which are not considered to result in material detriment or to impact on amenity can be applied for under a 'Secondary Consent amendment'. This type of amendment does not require public notification.

First application for Secondary Consent is free, subsequent fees are $283.60


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or print a copy here:

Amend a Planning Permit(PDF, 658KB) (Section 72)

Secondary Consent Request Form Planning Permit(PDF, 187KB)


Application for Extension of Time

You can apply for an extension to the expiry date of an existing planning permit.

First application for Extension of Time is free, subsequent fees are $229.50

You can apply online here:

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Or download a form here:

Extension of Time to a Planning Permit Request Form(PDF, 110KB) 

Planning Checklist

This is a guide to the information requirements for planning permit applications.

Planning Application Checklist(PDF, 97KB)

Planning Fees and Charges

This is the list of planning fees and charges. You should discuss the application with planning staff to confirm the correct fee.

Planning-Fees-and-Charges-2023-24.pdf(PDF, 267KB)

Current Planning Application Amendment (S50/57A)

Planning Amendment to Current Application Section 50 or 57A

Use this form to amend an application for a Planning Permit that is currently under consideration by Council, pursuant to Section 50 or 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Statutory fees may apply. 

Permit already issued?

If your Planning Permit has already been issued, please use Application to amend a Planning Permit.

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