Current applications

Planning permit applications currently advertised are available via the online portal. Click on the application to see supporting documents.

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You can also see a list of all current and past applications by viewing the online Planning Register. The online register shows applications back to 2017. For a register of earlier applications please contact planning staff.

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Making a submission or objection to a Planning Application

If a planning permit application is advertised then you can make a submission to it. Your submission can be in support of the application or it can be an objection.

An objection must be in writing and must:

  • State the reasons for the objection;
  • State how the objector would be affected by the granting of a permit; and
  • Give the name and address of the objector.

If more than one person is making an objection they may nominate a contact person.

Submissions or objections should be sent to either:

  • Online: You can submit an objection online via the button below

Submit an Objection

If you lodge an objection you will receive written acknowledgement from Council.

All objections are available to the public to view until the application is determined. An application will not be determined within 21 days of the start of advertising.

An objection can be withdrawn at any time and this must be done in writing.

A form for lodging a submission or objection is available here. You are not obliged to use this form when lodging a submission or objection. 

Planning-Permit-Submission-or-Objection-Form.pdf(PDF, 113KB)