Septic and Wastewater Systems



Let us know if you are experiencing any septic or domestic wastewater issues. Use the buttons below to report any issues with septic and wastewater issues or make a request to council. 

Before raising a request, the council's website has more information on these matters. Please use the link below to access this: 

Septic tanks

Request a permit to alter a septic system

If you are planning to alter an existing septic system on your property you must apply for a permit.

Please note that some building renovations or alterations do not require a permit to alter an onsite wastewater management system. In these instances, a Report & Consent Assessment can be undertaken by a licensed plumber and submitted to council for approval.

Submit a request below to discuss your any alteration changes.

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Request a permit for new septic system

Request a permit application for a new septic system by using the button below.

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Request plans for existing septic system

If you require plans for any existing septic systems, please select the button below. 

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Report a septic or domestic wastewater issue

Let us know if you are experiencing any septic or domestic wastewater issues. 

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If your request does not fit any of the above categories, submit a general request regarding septic and wastewater systems below.

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