Councillor Irene Grant

Councillor Irene Grant

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  • ProfileCouncillor Irene Grant was elected to the Warby Ward at the 2020 Council elections. She is a former Mayor and Administrator of the Rural City of Wangaratta.

Additional Information

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Councillor-Code-of-Conduct.pdf(PDF, 618KB)

Summary-of-Election-Campaign-Donation-Return.pdf(PDF, 84KB)

Councillor-Payments-2020-21(PDF, 423KB)

The-Rural-City-of-Wangaratta-Personal-Interests-Return-Summary-March-2021_.pdf(PDF, 258KB)

The-Rural-City-of-Wangaratta-Biannual-Personal-Interests-Return-Summary-September-2021_.pdf(PDF, 273KB)