Understanding planning permits

Planning permits exist to manage land use and development to ensure acceptable outcomes that protect the environment and community amenity. It also ensures adequate infrastructure is provided to support proposals.

How are Planning Permit Applications assessed? 

Planning permit are needed for general development such as constructing buildings, ensuring appropriate land uses and removal of native vegetation. Planning permits are also the first stage of a subdivision process.

How are Planning permits assessed

Planning permit requirements depend on the planning controls that for the land. Different controls apply to different pieces of land. Planning controls are detailed in the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.  

Planning controls include Zones, Overlays, Particular Provisions and Decision Guidelines. They help Planners decide whether a planning permit should be issued.  When assessing planning permit applications planners must make sure the proposal is consistent with the Wangaratta Planning Scheme along with state and local planning policies.

Check out our online mapping and identify the zone and overlays that apply to your land. 

Applying for a permit

If you are using a planning consultant, they will be able to advise you if you need a planning permit and will make the application on your behalf.

If you are applying on your own behalf, please contact our planning department on 03 5722 0888 or planningmail@wangaratta.vic.gov.au

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