Current Strategic Planning Projects

Major current and recent projects being undertaken by our Strategic Planning team are listed below.

These are projects that are helping the Rural City of Wangaratta grow in a sustainable way.

Health Precinct Structure Plan

The Health Precinct Structure Plan will create an engaging and comfortable precinct which attracts and services the diverse population of Wangaratta and the Greater Hume region.

Status: Adopted by Council in 2019

Next Steps: A Planning Scheme Amendment will now be developed.

Land included: Land covered by the plan is between Swan Street and the railway track, bound by Roy Street West and Rowan Street, also including a section of Templeton Street where the private hospital is located.

More information: View the Wangaratta-Health-Precinct-Structure-Plan.pdf(PDF, 17MB)

Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework (UDF) for the Wangaratta Central Activities Area (CAA) will enable the recommendations of Wangaratta's CBD Masterplan to be put into place.

Status: Adopted by Council in 2019

Next Steps: A Planning Scheme Amendment will now be developed.

Land Included: Wangaratta's Central Activity Area, bound by the railway track, and the King and Ovens Rivers.

More Information: View the Urban-Design-Framework.pdf(PDF, 7MB)

Residential Growth Areas

Land known as the North West and South Wangaratta Residential Growth Areas was rezoned from Farming Zone to General Residential land in late 2019.  This rezoning was facilitated by Planning Scheme Amendment C71 and designed to facilitate growth to the current supply of residential land and allow for approximately 5000 people to call Wangaratta home in the future.

Each of the growth areas have a precinct structure plan to guide the future development and a development contributions plan to enable the provision of major infrastructure.

The following provides a general summary of each growth area and development contributions as indexed to the 21/22 financial year: 

 Wangaratta North West Growth Area

 Area of the Structure Plan                                                 

 215 hectares
 Overall Lot yield  Approx. 1,670 lots / 5000 residents
 Development Contributions (per net developable hectare)
 Residential   $180,519
 Commercial  $156,173


                             Wangaratta South Growth Area                                                  
 Are of Structure Plan                                                                             71.5 hectares                
 Overall Lot yield Approx. 615 Lots / 1,880 residents
 Development Contributions (per net developable hectare)
 Residential   $125,075

Further Information:

North West Wangaratta:

South Wangaratta:

Industrial Land Use Strategy

The Wangaratta Industrial Land Use Strategy provides a vision and planning framework for Wangaratta's industrial areas.

Status: Amendment C76 is now approved and integrated into the Planning Scheme.

Next Steps: The findings of the strategy are being put in place through rezoning and updating relevant overlays.

Land included: All Industrial zoned and selected Commercial 2 Zoned land.

More information: View the Wangaratta-Industrial-Land-Use-Strategy.pdf(PDF, 5MB)

Low Density and Rural Residential Strategy

The Low Density and Rural Residential Strategy was presented to Council in December 2021.  At this meeting Council resolved to adopt the Strategy with the exception of those parts that apply to the Town of Wangaratta.

Council also resolved in relation to Wangaratta that council officers shall undertake further investigations into the potential for rezoning of alternative land in Wangaratta.

View the Strategy: A copy of the Strategy as presented to the Dec 2021 Council meeting can be downloaded at the following:RCOW-LDRR-Strategy-Dec-2021.pdf(PDF, 43MB)  

Further Questions?

If you have further questions please contact the Strategic Planning Department on the details below:

Email to:

Phone: 03 5722 0888 (Customer Service). 

Next Steps: Further investigations in relation to potential areas around Wangaratta are currently being undertaken and will be presented to a future meeting of Council when completed.     


Moyhu Township Development Plan

The Moyhu Township Development Plan (TDP) is currently being developed by Council to provide:

  • An integrated vision for a sustainable land use planning future for the Moyhu Township. And;
  • Provides opportunity for future township growth. 

Status: A draft TDP is currently under development.

Next Steps: Further community consultation will occur when a Draft TDP has been completed.