Your pets should be kept on your premises at all times. If your pet goes missing, it is possible that we have picked it up and taken it to the pound. 

Please contact the Rural City of Wangaratta on 03 5722 0888 if you believe your pet may have been picked up by one of our rangers.

Animals that have been picked up by council rangers and their owners have not been located within 24 hours will be taken to the Albury Animal Care Centre at 695 Mudge Street, Hamilton Valley (Albury).  Phone 02 6043 8530.

Request a cat trap

If you are experiencing issues with nuisance, feral or abandoned cats on your property, you can rent a cat trap from us by clicking the button below. 

Trapped cats can be collected by Council Rangers between 8.30am - 3pm on business days. Please do not set your trap the day before a non-business day. e.g. Friday, Saturday or public holidays.  

Apply for cat trap

Report a domestic animal issue

Use the button below to report a domestic animal issue, such as barking dogs, excess animals, cat trap collections or any other issues relating to domestic animals. 

Report now

Remove dead wildlife

If you find dead wildlife on public land, please use the button below to report it.

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If your request does not fit any of the above categories, submit a general request regarding animals below.