Community Asset Committees

We have 13 Committees which control and manage various Council-owned facilities.

The Committees are:

  • Bowmans-Murmungee Memorial Hall and Tennis Reserve Committee
  • Carboor Soldiers Memorial Hall & Recreation Reserve Committee
  • Edi Upper Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee
  • Eldorado Memorial Hall committee
  • Everton Hall and Sporting Complex Committee
  • Milawa Hall and Park Committee
  • Moyhu Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee
  • Myrrhee Soldiers Memorial Hall Committee
  • Old Murmungee Hall Committee
  • Oxley Shire Hall Committee
  • Whitfield Recreation Reserve Committee
  • Whorouly Public Hall Committee
  • Whorouly Memorial Park Committee

When a role in a committee becomes vacant, we will advertise it. If you are interested in applying, you will be able to nominate via this page.

If you would like to find out more information on the objectives and responsibilities of these committees, please refer to the Instrument of Delegation: 

Instrument of Delegation(PDF, 273KB)

Nomination Form(PDF, 82KB)