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Apex Park


The Wangaratta Public Cemetery was established in the 1860s and is managed by the Wangaratta Public Cemetery Trust on behalf of the Rural City of Wangaratta. The Cemetery has a comprehensive database of cemetery information that dates back to 1862. Researchers or family members interested in genealogy can have the records searched. There is a small fee payable for searches of the database.

Request cemetery information or maintenance

To request cemetery information or maintenance please use the button below. 

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Park, garden, trees, vegetation or open space issues

Street tree issues

Request new street tree

To request a new tree in your street please use the button below. 

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Request to remove new street tree

To make a request to remove a recently planted street tree use the button below. 


Native vegetation impacting private land

Report native vegetation impacting private land

If you have an enquiry regarding native vegetation that is impacting on private land please use the button below.

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Powerline clearance

Request powerline clearance

To request vegetation to be removed from a powerline use the button below. 


Council park, garden or open space issues

You can report a range of issues or concerns to council which include: 


  • Slashing
  • Park mowing (in Wangaratta and rural townships, open reserves)
  • Sportground mowing

Garden beds maintenance

  • HP Barr Reserve
  • Rotary park
  • Garden beds in parks

Weeds and weeding

  • Bush reserves or roadsides
  • Parks, gardens or playgrounds
  • Traffic islands

Tree maintenance

  • Diseased or infested trees
  • Trees affecting line of sight
  • Fallen tree over road
  • Tree pruning (Rural & Urban bush reserves, roadsides, parks and nature strips)
  • Tree removal (Rural & Urban bush reserves, roadsides, parks and nature strips)


  • Damaged or broken equipment
  • Rubbish or contamination 

Irrigation maintenance

  • Park, playground or sportsground sprinkler damage

Report a park, garden, tree, vegetation or open space issue

To report a council park, garden or open space issue, please use the button below. 



If your request does not fit any of the above categories, submit a general request using the button below.

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