Submit a planning enquiry

General planning enquiries:

If you have a question about a proposal, a current or past application or any other planning matter you can lodge an enquiry.

Submit a general planning enquiry


Planning advice in writing:

You can submit a Request for Planning advice in writing if you need a written response from Council to determine if a planning permit is required for your proposal.

Request planning advice in writing


Planning pre-application advice:

Before you lodge a planning application, you may wish to get a better understanding of council policy and officer’s views on your proposal.

Before submitting your planning application, you can discuss your proposal with Council. 

We encourage you to submit your concept plans in writing by applying for Planning pre-application advice

Council may respond to your request over the phone, in writing, or arrange a pre-application meeting.  This is a free service.

Planning pre-application advice can help you: 

  • identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application
  • understand the permit requirements and information you need to include in your planning application
  • get accurate advice early in the process to streamline the application process. 

Please note that the pre-application advice provided is preliminary and does not replace a full assessment of the proposal. Other matters may be raised following a full planning application assessment including a site visit, referral comments, objections or any other matter.  

Pre-Application advice


Or contact Statutory Planning: