Glass Drop-Off Facilities

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What is happening?

From the 1 July 2023 Council will be rolling out the first phase of transition to a new standardized four-stream household waste and recycling system.

The first step for Council will be the introduction of glass drop-off collection points at all Council transfer stations.

When attending transfer stations after 1 July 2023, residents will be encouraged to place certain glass items in the drop-off points provided.


Why is this happening?

Victoria is introducing new glass only recycling services across the state.

Large investments are also being made into glass reprocessing facilities. This means glass manufacturers will be able to recycle twice as much glass to create new products.

Separating glass from other materials:

  • Reduces contamination (broken glass won't spoil paper, cardboard, and plastic recycling)
  • Ensures a cleaner pathway to recycling facilities
  • Allows recovery of more resources that get recycled in Victoria
  • Reduces use of virgin materials, making the most of limited natural resources
  • Makes the value of recyclables go up by $210 million every year by creating a cleaner stream



What is recycled glass used for?

Glass bottles (such as soft drink bottles) and jars (such as jam jars) can be recycled again and again through glass-to-glass recycling.

Glass-to-glass recycling is high value and the preferred use of this resource.


What do the glass drop-off points look like?

The drop-off collection points are specially designed modified purple collection bins. They are designed with separate compartments for different coloured glass. 

These bins and surrounding hardstands were commissioned with the assistance of funding from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DECCA).

Glass Drop Off Facility .jpg


Where are they located?

The drop-off collection points are located at all four of Councils transfer stations: Wangaratta, Markwood, Moyhu and Eldorado.

Locations and opening times can be found via the link below:

Transfer Stations


What does it cost?

Dropping off glass at our transfer stations is free of charge.


What type of glass is accepted?

  • Glass jars (empty, no lids)
  • Pasta sauce, jam, condiments etc
  • Glass bottles, including broken bottles (empty, no lids)
  • Wine bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Spirit (alcohol) bottles
  • Olive oil and sauce bottles



What type of glass is not accepted?

Different types of glass melt at different temperatures, and so can’t all be recycled. This means we can’t accept the following in the glass bin.

  • Drinking glasses
  • Broken windows and windows
  • Broken light bulbs
  • Vases
  • Perfume or makeup containers
  • Lids, corks, or bottle tops


What should I do before attending transfer stations?

  • Make sure all jars and bottles are empty and clean
  • Remove lids from all jars and bottles
  • Place metal lids in the yellow-lid recycling bin




Will glass be accepted in yellow (co-mingle) bins?

From 1 July 2023 residents that attend transfer stations will be encouraged not to place glass in yellow (co-mingle) bins, where possible council encourages residents to utilise this service to reduce the amount of glass in the yellow (co-mingle) bin at home.


Will there be any change in my kerbside collection?

Kerbside collections will not change.