Camping permit

If you want to camp on land that isn't designated for camping, you will need to get a Camping Permit. This includes camping as part of an event. 

A Camping Permit costs $24.00 per day.

Overnight camping for event staff and contractors

If your event requires staff or contractors to stay on site to supervise facilities or equipment, you need to ensure the appropriate facilities are available. These include toilets, washing and laundry facilities, and rubbish removal. 

Camping for event attendees

If you wish to establish a temporary campground for attendees, there are a number of additional things to consider including:

  • Hire of toilets, washing and laundry facilities 
  • Traffic management 
  • Noise impacts 
  • Rubbish and waste water removal
  • Emergency Plan if the site is located in a bushfire or flood overlay
  • Risk Management Plan

We strongly recommend you speak to our Events Team about your camping requirements prior to submitting your application. 

Apply for a permit

Step 1.Speak to our Events Team

We strongly recommend you speak to someone from our Events Team about your camping requirements before you submit an application

Step 2.Gather your documents

To apply for a Camping Permit, you need to submit the following:

If you are not the land owner, you will need submit the following document to show you have gotten permission from the land owner: 

If your site is in a Bushfire or Flood Overlay, you also need to submit your Emergency Management Plan. 

Step 3.Visit us

Bring your documents into our Government Centre at 62-  68 Ovens Street, Wangaratta. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card.