Street activities permit

If you wish to conduct activities in the street, like operate a street stall (ie. cake stalls, raffle tickets, sausage sizzles etc), conduct road collections or display a banner, you will need a permit.

Whilst these activities can bring enjoyment to the community, they need to be assessed to ensure their impact is positive and that they complement other activities occurring at the same time.

Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with the conditions of the permit before you apply.

Our public liability insurance will cover not-for-profit, community groups and individuals as long as a valid permit is held. However if a claim needs to be made, you will need to pay the excess.

Please refer to the below fees and charges.

Animals-and-Local-Laws-Fees-and-Charges-2023-24.pdf(PDF, 172KB)



Apply for a permit

Step 1.Gather your documents

To apply for a permit, you'll need the complete an Application for Street Activities Permit.(PDF, 117KB)

If you are a business or for profit organisation, you also need to supply a copy of your public liability certificate of currency to $10M.

Step 2.Submit your application

You can submit your application to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 238 Wangaratta 3676
  • In person: Wangaratta Government Centre, 62 - 68 Ovens Street, Wangaratta

Step 3.Pay the registration fee

Once we have received your application, we will issue you with an invoice for the appropriate fee to cover the assessment of your application.


  • Permitted for maximum of for 14 days per permit and 21 days per year (per site and organization)
  • Maximum 2 banners per designated site.
  • Banner must be securely fixed to a structure

Street Stalls & Kiosk Hire

  • Street appeals by any organization are limited to maximum ten (10) days per calendar year.
  • National/State-wide appeals associated with particular days (e.g. Anzac Day, Good Friday) given preference for those days.
  • Local organisations and charities (or other organisations and charities where there is a direct benefit to local community) will be given preference for days and locations for street appeals.

Road Collection

  • Collection must be for a recognised charity
  • Road Collections shall be limited to the following intersections:
    • Murphy Street and Reid Street, Wangaratta
    • Ryley Street and Warby Street, Wangaratta
    • Tone Road and Greta Road, Wangaratta
  • Only one (1) organisation will be permitted to conduct a road collection on any one day