Youth Advisory Group


Our Youth Advisory Group is helping to shape the future of Wangaratta!

Youth Advisory Group is a group of up to 20 young people between the age of 12-18 who'd like to meet regularly to discuss youth issues, help organise youth & community events, take part in leadership forums and self development activities. Our Youth Advisory gives a voice to young people and have input into Council decisions. The Youth Advisory Group are appointed to one year terms and are empowered to:

  • Talk with other young people to find out what important issues they are facing.
  • Provide advice to Council to ensure young people’s voices are heard.
  • Undertake specific training and development to suit their individual interests.
  • Create and organise youth and community events and initiatives to make our young people feel safe, supported and engaged.
  • Work with other community groups to make our community a great place to be for everyone!

Applications for the 2023 Youth Advisory Group are now closed. 

You can join the Freeza Crew to help put on events for young people in Wangaratta


Youth Advisory Group FAQ

Who can be a member of the Youth Advisory Group?

Any young person who lives, works or studies in the Rural City of Wangaratta. 

They have to be aged between 12-18 years old.

We can have up to 10 young people.

How do I apply to be part of the Youth Advisory Group?

Complete the form on the youth webpage when applications are open!.

What are the applicant selection criteria?

Applicants will all be interviewed by the Youth Development Officer and another Council staff member. There is a series of questions asking why you want to be a part of the group, what can you bring to the group and what are the issues young people face in Wangaratta. 

How long will I be on the Youth Advisory Group?

Your term will be about 10 months.

When are meetings held?

The meetings are held after school every fortnight on a day that suits the majority. We also can have a hybrid model: half zoom, half face to face!

Is there a cost involved?

There is no cost to be part of the Youth Advisory Group. Just your time.

What is expected of Youth Advisory Group?

As part of the Youth Advisory Group you are expected to attend  meetings and training. You will also develop and deliver a community project or event. You'll also be involved in group activities for self-development, leadership training or forums. You'll work with the headspace reference group as well as give feedback to the Grit and Resilience consortium.

What level of commitment is required?

We hope for at least 80% attendance. We understand about school and study but signing up for the group is a commitment and it's disappointing when members don’t show up for meetings.  Meetings need a minimum number of attendees for decision making and voting.

What tasks does the Youth Advisory Committee have?

As a member of the group, you will be responsible for running meetings and taking minutes. You’ll work together as a team on a community project and speak to other young people in our community to hear their views and opinions. The 2022 group is taking a leading role in developing our Youth Strategy. It’s a great opportunity to lead group discussion on what outcomes young people want for our Local Government Area.

Do I get any training as part of this role?

Yes, you will! Team building and leadership training and  Project management training, Other training will be available as needed. Youth Advisory Group is ever evolving and can cater to the needs of the individual young people in the team.

Will I have a uniform?

The meetings are held after school, most people come in their school uniform.  
There could possibly be a creative member of the group who'd  like to design a tee for the group to wear. The possibilities are endless.

You will get name badges.

What are the benefits of being on the Youth Advisory Group?

Being a member of the group  will help to increase your confidence, skills and knowledge in leadership, advocacy, teamwork, local government, communication, and project management. The work you will be involved in will give you the opportunity to provide feedback, advice and views on issues that are important to you and other young people in your community You’ll build strong connections with other young people, local government and within your local community.  Plus, it’s a great experience to add to your CV! And best of all, you make new friends!