About the Program


The Grit and Resilience Program came about after the Rural City of Wangaratta and community rallied in 2018 to address mental health and suicide in the municipality. The Federal Government provided financial support of $1.2 million, auspiced by Murray Primary Health Network, which funds the Program to 30 June 2023. 

Coordinated by the Rural City of Wangaratta, the Program is guided by a consortium of agencies along with four community partners.  

The Program follows the collective impact model and takes a community-driven approach to better address and improve mental health and wellbeing and support for those affected by suicide in the Wangaratta municipality.  

Within the Program there are currently three priority areas, two of which were directly nominated by community. These priorities are:  

  • Creating connections – improving opportunities for people to connect.  

  • Including and involving – promoting inclusion.  

  • Postvention - promoting a change in community attitudes and in the response of services before and after a death by suicide within our community.  

The Future of the Program 

We are so excited to announce that the Grit and Resilience Program will continue with support from the Victorian Government’s Social Inclusion Action Group (SIAG) funding. SIAG is a flagship initiative recommended by the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System.
As a part of the SIAG, the Grit and Resilience Program will continue to evolve with an enhanced focus on social inclusion initiatives, building further on our work to strengthen connectedness and inclusion among the Rural City of Wangaratta community.
We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with community to design and action solutions to support positive mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

How We Work

The Grit and Resilience Program operates under a community engagement framework called the Heart Framework which was designed specifically for the Program.

The Framework outlines how the Grit and Resilience Program team connects and works with the community in delivering the Program, it was presented to the community in November 2020. 

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The Framework was revised in September 2022 with a second chapter endorsed by the Program Consortium. 

How to Get Involved


You can join an existing activity - look at the ‘What’s on' page for activities currently underway or at the Action Plans (above) for a broader look at the types of activities we are working on.  

Or, if you can’t see something that suits you and you would like to start your own activity to support social connection and inclusion in your community, and to promote positive mental health, contact us for a chat about how we can help.  

Contact the Grit and Resilience team at gritandresilience@wangaratta.vic.gov.au, we would love to hear from you!


Business Collaboration

Are you a business, organisation or community group that would like to collaborate with us to change attitudes to mental health, including those affected by suicide? Let's talk!

Email gritandresilience@wangaratta.vic.gov.au or phone 03 5722 0888