Footpath activities permit

If you plan to use a footpath for commercial activity, you will need a permit. Activities include:

  • the placing of free standing advertising signs;
  • display of goods; or
  • furniture and equipment.

The application fee for a New Footpath Activities Permit costs $100.00. Renewal of an Existing Footpath Activities Permit costs $70.00.

Apply for a permit

Step 1.Gather your documents

To apply for Footpath Activities Permit, you'll need the following documents:

Step 2.Submit your application

You can submit your application to us via:

Step 3.Pay the registration fee

Once we have received your application, we will issue you with an invoice to cover the assessment of your application.

Step 4.Inspection 

One of our Compliance Officers will contact you to discuss your application, and arrange an inspection.

Step 5.Approval

Once you have gained approval, you can commence trading!

Step 6.Annual renewal and inspection

You will need to renew your permit every year. Renewal of an existing permit is discounted.