Bowser landfill

Our Bowser Landfill is open to commercial operators only.

Residents should take any of their excess waste to our Transfer Stations. Asbestos is the one exception to this rule, with residents able to book in a time to dispose of asbestos.

Commercial operators can bring the following materials to Bowser Landfill: supermarket processing and food waste, garden waste, demolition material, concrete, bricks, timber, plastic, glass, metals, bitumen, trees, uncontaminated fill and shredded tyres.

Due to the change in the EPA Act in July 2021 all clean fill material arriving at Bowser Landfill must have the clean Fill Information Form completed. 
Please ensure form is completed before your arrival at the landfill. A copy of the form can be downloaded here(PDF, 116KB)

Fees - price per tonne

General Waste  $312.80
Processed Timber  $175.26 
Recyclable Materials (Concrete, Bricks) $63.80 
Green Waste (Grass, Small Pruning's)  $63.80 
 Low Level Contaminated Soil  $396.90 
 Asbestos  $292.10 
Non-conforming materials/items (tyres e-waste) $189.30 

* Soil test results need to be approved by Waste Management Coordinator before receiving