Collecting Firewood

Residents of the Rural City of Wangaratta (RCoW) can collect firewood when available from one of our two firewood depots.

You will need a permit for both options and the following costs apply: 

Full fee $23.70
Concession card holder $16

Collection of firewood from reserves and roadsides managed by Council and Regional Roads Victoria is not allowed and penalties do apply for illegal collection.


Firewood depots

The depots will open on May 2nd 2024

We have two community firewood depots located at Eldorado and Glenrowan. The depots provide RCoW residents with a sustainable firewood collection option and reduce the need to remove habitat from bushland reserves. Wood at the depots is salvaged from works and storm events so will likely be green and require drying before it is ready to burn next season. Wood is supplied as logs and you will need a chainsaw to cut it up for transport.

Where are the depots?

  • Eldorado Firewood Depot - between Main St and Trezise St, Eldorado
  • Glenrowan Firewood Depot - Park Road (off Rifle Range Road), Glenrowan

When are the depots open?

Depots are closed during the fire danger period which varies year to year but is usually from October to April-May. Supply is not guaranteed so you will need to visit the depots to check if wood is available before purchasing a permit.

How to buy a permit

A permit is needed each time you take wood from the depot. Each permit allows you to take a maximum of two cubic metres per visit. The annual limit is six cubic metres per household (3 permits). Please be fair and think of your neighbours - don't take all the wood!


Depot permits are available from the following locations:

Depot Where to buy a permit
Eldorado Firewood Depot 
  • Eldorado Store
  • Wangaratta Government Centre
Glenrowan Firewood Depot
  • Glenrowan Post Office
  • Wangaratta Government Centre

Permit Conditions

Indemnity statement

Notwithstanding any condition contained herein, the holder of this permit shall indemnify the Council and keep it indemnified against all claims for costs, damages or expenses made against it by any party in connection with any matter arising directly or indirectly from any act or emission of the applicant or any of its agents, contractors or employees.

             Firewood collection at the depot is prohibited without a domestic firewood permit.

             Rural City of Wangaratta (RCoW) domestic firewood permits are only available for RCoW residents.

             When collecting firewood you must carry your valid permit with you at all times.

             Firewood can only be collected from the approved location listed on the permit.

             Collection limit is two (2) cubic meters per permit with a maximum of three (3) permits (six (6) cubic meters) per year per household.

             All firewood collected is for domestic (private) use only and must not be sold on.

             Children and pets must not attend the depot when chainsaws are in use.

             No cutting of wood from live or dead standing trees.

             Don’t tow or winch fallen trees along the ground.

             No damage must occur to property or Council assets.

             Only light vehicles to be used weight of vehicle and trailer must not exceed 4.5tonne (GCM<4.5T)

             Use of heavy machinery (including a bulldozer, crane, excavator, forwarder, hydraulic log splitter, saw bench, skidder, skid steer loader or tractor) is not allowed.

             Collection of timber must be in accordance with the Road Management Act 2004, the Rural City of Wangaratta Roadside Conservation Management Plan and any other Act or Regulation that relates to this activity.

             Collection is only allowed during daylight hours and not before residential noise restriction hours (7am Monday to Friday or 9am on weekends and public holidays).

             Permit is not valid on days of total fire ban.

             No rubbish to be left on site, it must be taken with you.


Chainsaw Safety

             Complete a chainsaw cross cut operator course.

             Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times including chainsaw chaps, safety boots, safety glasses, ear protection and gloves.

             Clothing must be sturdy and snug, loose clothing can be caught in the chainsaw.

             Always carry the chainsaw by the handle and use the protective bar cover.

             Never let the machine run unattended.

             Keep bystanders away from the chainsaw.

             Always cut at full throttle.

             Never cut several limbs at once.

             Tree felling should never be undertaken.

             Always engage the chain brake when you are not cutting.

             Always work from ground level.


Fire Safety

             Chainsaw use is not permitted during fire danger period or on days of total fire ban which may fall outside this period.

             Only refill chainsaw oil or fuel on a hard surface that the liquid cannot soak through. Don’t refill on the ground.

             Chainsaw must be fitted with a working exhaust and spark arrester.

             Always place the chainsaw on bare ground after use (not on leaves or grass).

             In case of an emergency have a fire extinguisher at hand.


Vehicle Safety

             Vehicles should be parked safely in the depot.

             Observe all Victorian road rules

             Be considerate of other users and mindful of other vehicles at the depot.


General Safety

             Carry a mobile phone at all times.

             Assess work area for hazards before starting. Hazards may include but not limited to overhead tree hazards, rolling logs, uneven, slippery ground, snakes and other venomous animals, hazardous plants and vehicles.

             Use well maintained equipment.

             Carry a first aid kit.

             Don't work in wet, windy or hot weather conditions.

             Secure your load before moving vehicle.