Community Sport Fair Access Policy

Published on 05 March 2024

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At last week's Council meeting, the Rural City of Wangaratta endorsed the draft Fair Access policies for public exhibition. These policies will ensure that women and girls have equal opportunities to participate in and enjoy the benefits of community sport, with fair access to local facilities. Council is now asking community members to share their ideas and provide input into the policies and actions outlined in the draft.

This public feedback phase represents an integral part of the policymaking process, and you can contribute by completing the survey on Connect Wangaratta by March 28th, or by attending the in-person discussion session.

Over the past 18 months, the Rural City of Wangaratta’s Community and Recreation team has engaged in education, research, and consultation to develop essential documents, outlining strategies to ensure safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments within sporting organisations, including: Draft Sport Facility Booking Policy, Draft Community Sport Fair Access Policy, and an Action Plan. These draft policies are all available on the Connect Wangaratta portal.

Starting from July 1, 2024, all Victorian councils must have community sport gender-equitable access and use policies in place to be eligible for receiving sport and recreation infrastructure funding. Your feedback will play a crucial role in guiding initiatives within our municipality regarding community sports and recreation.

The informal drop-in sessions provide an opportunity for you to chat to a Council Officer about any questions or input you may have. They will be held at HP Barr Community Centre, Schilling Dr, Wangaratta on:

Wednesday 13 March 4.30pm-5.30pm

Additional times, including meetings with club committees, can be arranged by contacting the team at

“Join us in shaping the future of fair access to community sports and recreation for women and girls. Your voice matters as we work towards creating inclusive and accessible opportunities for all.” Said Marcus Goonan, Director Community & Infrastructure. 

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