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Fire Danger Period has commenced

Residents are urged to do their part during the Fire Danger Period this summer


The Fire Danger Period commenced Monday 28 October and the Rural City of Wangaratta reminds the community that now is the time to clean up and remove any potential fire hazards.

Rural City of Wangaratta’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Steven Tucker said that the fire danger period is here.

“The fire danger period commences this Monday and it is the time when the Country Fire Authority (CFA) restricts the use of fire in the community, we need the community to play their part in preventing fires from starting,” he said.

“With drier and warmer conditions forecast for the next three months, we ask the community to heed the advice from the CFA who are warning the community of an increased risk of fire potential.

“We have done a number of things to reduce the fire hazards including roadside slashing and the Municipal Fire Inspection regime will shortly commence, whereby we inspect vacant and occupied properties for potential fire hazards.

“Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officer will undertake these inspections and work with landholders to reduce hazards and mitigate the risk of fire across the community.

“Residents should inspect their property with fire dangers in mind, remove dry grass and leaf litter from around homes and sheds, store wood and other combustibles away from buildings.

“Common sense is the best approach when preparing properties for the upcoming season and to actively seek advice through the CFA channels.

“Residents can also take advantage of the opportunity to dispose of their green waste for free at one of Councils four transfer stations during November.”

The Rural City of Wangaratta has been working closely with the CFA and other authorities to make us fire ready.

In the lead up to the fire season, with funding assistance through the CFA, Council has supplied and installed three new water tanks (at a total cost of $36,000) with the capacity to store in excess of 120,000 litres of valuable firefighting water across the municipality. These tanks are strategically located at Boralma, Byawatha and Moyhu.

Council acknowledges the CFA who made this funding possible through their annual Fire Access Roads Subsidy Scheme (FARSS). This program allows rural Councils to apply for additional funding to help construct and maintain fire trails, or supply water storages for use in fire suppression.     


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