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Where Can I Park?

Wangaratta's central business district has a variety of timed and untimed parking options.

The majority of spaces in the CBD are metered and cost $1 per hour. To help choose the right place to park, Council has prepared the Wangaratta Easy Parking Guide, which can be downloaded below.

Signs are in place indicating what type of parking is permitted for each space. Parking fines, also referred to as infringements, can be issued when drivers fail to obey the instructions on the sign.

Parking Permits

You can buy parking permits for all day under cover and outdoor parking in designated areas. Cost per calendar month is $60 for outdoor and $100 for under cover. Permits are limited in number so it is advised you contact Council well in advance of needing the permit.

To buy a parking permit please contact Council's Customer Service team on (03) 5722 0888 or

All day under cover parking is also available in the Co-Store for a maximum of $5 per day. 

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