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Household Bin Collection

Council offers residents a fortnightly general waste and recycle bin collections for both Rural and Urban residents, and a weekly organics bin for Wangaratta.

When is my bin collected

To find out more about your bin collection, visit the following address

What types of bins are available

The standard service for urban Wangaratta is a 140L Garbage bin, 240L Organics bin and a 240L Recycling bin. The standard service for rural residents is 240L Garbage bin, and 240L Recycling bin. See the attached table for the different options available outside the standard service.

Bin fees and charges

The charge for a kerbside waste collection service applies to all Urban and Rural residents irrespective of whether or the service is used.

For more information on current fees and charges please click here.

How to place my bin out for collection

The time in which a bin will be collected can vary, bins should be placed out for collection the night before to ensure that the bin is collected.

Bins should be located as close to the kerb as possible, and be away from anything that may prohibit their collection, such as parked cars, low hanging power and Telstra lines, street furniture and trees. Drivers are not expected to get out and relocate your bin for collection.

On days when multiply bins will be collected, please ensure that the bins are place half a metre apart so the truck arm can reach between them to lift them to the truck.

Please do not overload bins, this may cause them not to be collected due to the weight of the bin.

What to do if your bin is lost or stolen or damaged

If your bin is lost, stolen or badly damaged please contact Council to arrange its replacement.

Bins are repaired for free!

Public Litter Bins

Public litter bins are located around the Rural City of Wangaratta in key locations for litter. Public bins are not to be used for household or commercial waste. Recently organic dog litter bins and compostable liners have been installed along the Bullawah Cultural Trail to assist with dog litter along the Ovens river.

Please report any damaged or full litter bins to Council on (03) 5722 0888.

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