Killing Heidi help community recharge

Published on 19 April 2021

killing heidi

A bit of recognition goes a long way, and a special show in Whorouly last week (15 April) was just the tonic for some much deserving community members.

Around 100 farmers, CFA volunteers and their families were treated to a private show with Killing Heidi, Jade Gibson and Band and emcee Rusty Berther from Scared Weird Little Guys at Remel 185.

The show came more than 14 months on from when Whorouly, Carboor and communities throughout the North East were evacuated in the January 2020 fires.

Carboor especially came under intense threat during these fires and CFA Deputy Group Officer from the Moyhu Group Rolly Matheson and Whorouly captain Dan Taylor were in the thick of it.

Rolly said the event helped give them some closure after a year when they couldn’t get together and debrief.

“It’s great to see people without a set of overalls on and in a relaxed state of mind,” he said.

Dan said it felt good to get some recognition for their efforts.

“We don’t expect too much – but to get rung up and say you did a reasonable job – that makes a difference.

“You see a lot of people around individually but not all together at once relaxing – so this is great.”

The atmosphere was that of an old fashioned night out in the country – kids and a few young-at-heart adults dancing in front of the band and the rest of the adults huddled around the wood heater, or sitting down tapping their toes and nodding their heads to the music.

Killing Heidi’s lead singer, Ella Hooper praised the resilience of the community, as her band, formed in Violet Town just over 25 years ago, played a toned-down set that hit the mark with the audience.

The event was funded by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Recharge Program, and run by the Rural City of Wangaratta’s Events team.


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