Warby Street Works

Published on 10 March 2023

Warby Street Works - tree replacement plan.png

Road rebuilding works will be undertaken on Warby Street between Ryley and Roger Streets from 14 - 30 March by Regional Roads Victoria.

The works being undertaken by Regional Roads Victoria include the removal of six street trees which are damaging infrastructure. After the trees are removed Council will be replacing them with twelve Quercus rubra Red Oaks.

The trees will be planted in the same stretch of road in a more sustainable manner to allow the infrastructure and trees to survive together into the future.

“Rural City of Wangaratta is pleased to be supporting Regional Roads Victoria in these major road replacement works,” said Rural City of Wangaratta Director of Community and Infrastructure, Marcus Goonan.

“The works will severely impact the six existing Brachychion populneus and Melaleuca stypheliodies trees making them unviable, so the decision has been made to remove and replace them.”

“The Red Oak trees selected as replacement to be planted along Warby Street will provide a welcoming avenue into Wangaratta’s central business district.”

Tree removal will begin on Tuesday 14 March with works on the road continuing until late March.

Preparations for tree planting will be made following completion of the road works and the twelve trees will be planted by early Winter.

Rural City of Wangaratta is communicating with residents directly affected by the works.

If you have questions about these works please lodge an inquiry with Council at https://www.wangaratta.vic.gov.au/Services/Report-or-request.


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