Kerbside Glass Collection Service

Published on 10 June 2022


The Victorian Government has announced that all glass needs to be removed from our recycling stream.

When glass is mixed with other recyclable materials, it can often shatter and makes it hard to recycle paper and cardboard. Smashed glass reduces these materials quality and ability to be recycled. By taking glass out, more items in the recycling bin can be recycled.

In order to provide you with more information, we have created a 'Kerbside Glass Collection Service' page where you can find the suggested changes, frequently asked questions, a digital feedback form, links to the Victorian Government Circular Waste Act as well as information about how to submit written feedback.

We would love to hear from as many of our community members as possible. Your feedback will be invaluable in shaping the way this service is delivered to our region.

Feedback will be received up to Sunday 24 July 2022.



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