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See below for a list of current roadworks taking place around the municipality.

Re-sealing program - various roads

Dates Details Roads Impact
Commenced Spray sealing of roads began on 5 November 18. Road sealing works will go on throughout the Municipality for two to three weeks (weather dependent.) Sealing in each road/street will be complete in one day. Residents in those streets are advised to keep their cars off the street during the works. Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place and occasional delays are expected. 

Various - see below attachment 

Temporary closures and delays


Dust Suppression Program

Dates Details Roads Impact

 As part of Council's 2018 Dust Suppression Program road sealing has commenced. Occasional delays are to be expected. Motorists are asked to obey roadworks signs during this period. 

Various - see attachment



Gravel road re-sheeting

The Rural City of Wangaratta has commenced its gravel road re-sheeting program on various roads for 2018/19. Motorists are asked to obey roadwork signs during this period. It is expected to be completed by February 2019.

Cruse Street

A new bridge will be built at Three Mile Creek joining Cruse Street (close to the new Wangaratta Turf Club entrance) a new road will be built adjacent to Bella Vista Way. There will be large construction equipment at Bella Vista Way and Worland Road including Reith Road. Delays are to be expected and local residents are recommended to use alternate roads.

Ovens River Works

The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) are undertaking works on the Ovens River at Wangaratta to repair essential public infrastructure damaged in the 2016 floods. The site is on the bank adjacent to the Wangaratta levee. The works will consist of the placement of rock armouring on the bank directly behind the Officeworks complex on Parfitt Road.

During these works a speed reduction zone will be in place on the Great Alpine Road at the Peruzzo Street intersection. The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists during the works.  However, temporary exclusion fencing will be installed adjacent to Rail Trail and public access to the work site will not be  permitted.  These measures are required to ensure works are delivered in a safe and timely manner for contractors and the public.

A limited amount of existing vegetation will be removed to allow safe access to the river bank by machinery for construction. Revegetation will occur at the conclusion of works, once conditions are suitable for planting.  

For further information contact the North East CMA on 1300 216 513

Mather Street

Footpath renewal works are planned to commence 14.12.18 until 21.12.18. Work will involve removal of damaged sections of footpath and replacement of footpath with new concrete footpath. In the new year, works will recommence around the 21.01.18 and be completed in two weeks subject to weather. During construction traffic management will be in place, but no delays are expected.

Phillipson Street

Improvements to the side road, footpath, kerb and channelling outside the Wangaratta High School near the corner of Phillipson and Edward Street will be undertaken from Monday 7 January to Thursday 31 January 2019.  Work will involve sealing the surface and line marking for a bus stop and car parks. There will be large construction equipment in the area and there are no road closer or delays expected.

Ovens Street

Ovens Street and the beautification of King George V Gardens (staged improvements from February to June 2019). There will be limited vehicle access to Ovens Street during the period February to June 2019 and this also includes no parking allowed.  A traffic management plan will be in place and there will be delays expected. 

Sisely Avenue

Road work improvements will occur on 4 February 2019 along Sisley Avenue and will affect traffic at the corner of Cruse and Purbrick Streets, Osboldstone Road, Appin Street, Kerr Street and Dodsworth Streets.  The current road will be removed and a new asphalt sealed road including new kerb and channelling will replaced. Delays are to be expected.

Dunlop Street

Dunlop Street kerb and channel renewal will begin construction on Wednesday 30 January 2019. Works will include the removal and reinstatement of the existing kerb as well as minor resealing. During construction between the hours of 7:00am - 5:00pm, there will be half road closure which will be dependant on what side of the road they will be working on. The construction period is expected to be finalised within 5 weeks. 

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