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Ovens Street and King George Gardens News

A pedestrian friendly, shaded streetscape linking King George V Gardens with Wangaratta’s CBD will soon be in place in Ovens Street.

The section of Ovens Street adjacent to King George V Gardens is set to undergo a major revitalisation, in works to commence early next year.

Excell Gray Bruni was awarded a $463,407.90 ex GST contract to undertake Civil and Electrical works for the project at the December 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting.

Subsequent contracts will be awarded for concrete works, as well as landscaping and other improvements in King George V Gardens

Works will commence in February 2019 and are expected to be completed in July 2019.    

For Ovens Street the project will involve the installation of two pedestrian crossings between the Co-Store and King George V Gardens, new street lighting to improve pedestrian safety conditions and the replacement of angle parking with parallel parking adjacent to Ovens Street.

The project will also involve removal of ageing trees currently within the road reserve. These will be replaced with more trees, creating a shaded boulevard and median strip.

For King George V Gardens there will be an upgrade to the community stage, additional seating, rendering of the toilet block, new garbage and recycling bins, additional seating and an upgraded park shelter.

Mayor Dean Rees said the project was a major step forward for Wangaratta.

“This project will help people move around our city more freely and want to spend longer in the CBD,” he said.

“It will really bring Ovens Street and King George Gardens to life and I can’t wait to see it finished.

“I’d also like to thank all of the community members who helped shape this project through consultation for the concept plans and the CBD masterplan.”

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