Register your pool or spa

All swimming pools and spas must now be registered with us. This involves the completion of a registration form and a on-off payment to confirm your registration. Every four years your swimming pool or spa safety barrier needs to be inspected and a Certificate of Compliance issued.

Register your pool or spa

Step 1.Gather your documents

To register your pool or spa, you will need to submit the following documents:

Step 2.Submit your application

Send your application to us via email on


Once your pool is registered we will advise you of when your pool or spa needs to have its first inspection. Pools and spas must be inspected every four years.

Before your pool inspection, please complete the VBA checklist, which will be sent to you on completion of your registration.

You can book an inspection with us by emailing or a private building surveyor is able to provide an inspection service.

Step 3.Pool passes/fails

If your pool passes the first inspection you will be issued with a certificate of compliance. Your next inspection will be in four years' time.

If your pool fails you will be issued with a certificate of non-compliance and an improvement notice. You will also need to arrange a new inspection once rectification works are complete.