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Councillor Dave Fuller

Phone 0429 545 907. Email Portfolio: Arts and Culture, Sport & Recreation, Environment. Ward: City

About Councillor Dave Fuller

Born in Wangaratta, I spent the first 18 years here. Then like most teenagers I moved for study, followed by a period of time living in Cairns.

My heart and love of family brought me back to Wangaratta in 2007 and I remain here now as I have come to realise it is the perfect place to raise family and it is a great community to be a part of.

I ran for council in the 2016 election in order to grow the municipality, and hope to do so by creating a terrific community with the amenities and services we need for the future. 

Elected to the City Ward, I am passionate about ensuring the entire municipality is catered for and acknowledged in the decision making process.

Outside of the portfolios and committees held in the Arts, Movement and Environment fields, I also enjoy working with community groups looking at community wellbeing and I am currently the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce.

My hopes for the future are that we engage with the community to build a diverse and viable future for the generations of today that don’t get a say.  Culturally dynamic, environmentally smart and accessible to all.

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