Past Initiatives

The Grit and Resilience program is mobilising the community as we work together to build strength, courage and connection within the Rural City of Wangaratta community. 

Below is a sneak peak of what we have delivered so far. 

Four Community Partners Appointed for 2020/21

We've recently appointed four community partners to govern the program and make sure the community is heard. Your Community Partners are:

Caz Sammon
Caz Sammon 
 Mum to three boys and a Wangaratta resident of 20 years, Caz has a strong interest in general and mental health and well-being. Caz is an engaged community member and volunteer, with extensive experience leading teams from grass roots to board level.    
John Davis John Davis
John is a recently retired Anglican Priest and has called the region home for 20 years. John provided emergency ministry at the Wangaratta evacuation centre during the 2020 bushfires and is currently the president of Voices for Indi, which encourages equality representation in government and stronger community participation. In 2019, John and his husband became the first Anglican same sex clergy couple to marry in Australia. 
Ruby Sait Ruby Sait
 Ruby is 18 year-old with a passion for journalism, completing her senior year of VCAL at GOTAFE Wangaratta. Between the age of 16 and 17 Ruby lived in Residential Care, an experience which motivated her to apply for the program.
 Chelsea Wilson Chelsea Wilson
Chelsea is an empathetic young person, passionate about mental health, advocating for others, and helping the world change. Chelsea aspires to become a social worker and to work with children, youth and families going through trauma and mental health issues. 

Mindframe training for 39 community members - August 2020


We partnered with Mindframe to provide training for 39 community members in August 2020. This training equipped participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to sensitively communicate about suicide using best practice guidelines.  

Hearten Up Mental Health First Aid community training 2020

Hearten Up

We have partnered with the Hearten Up Community Program, which provides mental first aid training to people living in regional areas.

Rates of suicide are statistically higher in regional areas, and resources are often less readily available. Our funding covered overhead costs for the eLearning component of the Hearten Up Program, meaning participants were able to access this valuable training at no cost. 

Find out more about the Hearten Up Community Program.

StandBy Support After Suicide community training - November 2020

We partnered with StandBy Support after Suicide and Connect Benalla to provide two training sessions to 103 community members across Murray PHN catchment. 

This training equipped community members with basic support skills, and increased understanding of suicide bereavement. 

Sponsored International Day of People with Disability event - 2020

International Day of People with Disability

We sponsored the online International Day of People with Disability 2020 event, which was hosted by comedian and disability advocate Oliver Hunter.

The event aimed to break down barriers, educate and increase inclusion within the Rural City of Wangaratta community. 


Watch the online event

Grace Under Pressure performance - May 2021

Grace Under Pressure hero-vertical With Title.jpg On 8 May 2021, the Grit and Resilience Team In Partnership with StandBy - Support After Suicide sponsored a performance of Grace Under Pressure at the Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre & Convention Centre. There were 100 GP’s and other health professionals who attended this networking event.

By David Williams & Paul Dwyer in collaboration with the Sydney Arts & Health Collective. 

Health professionals are with us when we’re born, and they’re with us when we die. They devote their lives to caring for us, but how do we care for them? Can a doctor or nurse give a patient the best possible care if he or she hasn’t slept for days? What if they are also being bullied or sexually harassed at work? What if they complain about having to work excessive hours, but are told to stop whining and suck it up? How do they cope with the pressure?  



Winter Solstice 2021

Winter Solstice Image.jpg In 2020 the Grit and Resilience Program partnered with the Youth Council to develop an edited excerpt of the documentary “Solstice”. This also included advertising the online Winter Solstice for 2020.

In 2021, we launched our social media platform and this provided the opportunity to revisit this activity and support the hybrid 2021 Winter Solstice.

View the Video


Be the Light - World Suicide Prevention Day 2021

Social Media Tile_Be the Light (1).png

 In acknowledgement of World Suicide Prevention Day, the Wangaratta Beacon was lit in Grit and Resilience colours on Friday 10 September to raise awareness of the Program and to support the Wangaratta community to be a ‘beacon of light to those in pain’.

People across the Rural City of Wangaratta were asked to show the community that there is a light by sharing the ‘be the light’ tile on their social media channels on 10 September, tagging @GritandResilienceProgram and #WSPD2021.