How our Community Vision and Council Plan inform the Financial Plan


What are the Community Vision and Council Plan? 

The  Community Vision 2033 is a long-term plan for the community, by the community. It paints a picture of what we want the future to look like and outlines strategies on how we are going to get there.

The Council Plan is a key medium-term strategic plan that describes the strategic objectives, actions to achieve the objectives, indicators for measuring progress and the resources required to implement the plan for at least four years. 

How does the Financial Plan connect to these?

The Council Plan contains more than 200 actions and is a valuable list of all the things we will do over the next four years. Delivery of these actions is funded via our Financial Plan. 

Our Community Vision 2033 identifies the key themes and focus areas – our Financial Plan seeks to balance these priorities in a financially sustainable way.

It’s vital our planning framework is integrated to ensure we are making decisions now and into the future that are appropriately funded and we can afford.

council plan infographic resized