Inter-library loans have returned!

Published on 16 May 2023


Wangaratta Library is thrilled to announce that inter-library loans through the High Country Library Network have recommenced.

Inter-library loans are highly valued by members of the local community and Wangaratta Library has been working hard to find a solution to have the service reinstated.

Public Libraries Victoria has also been working to a solution against a backdrop of the rising costs of logistics, couriers, and other operational services while retaining access for members to the wide network of items collectively held.

“There will be some changes to the inter-library loan service in order to reduce environmental and logistics costs,” said Loueen Twyford, Library Coordinator.

“Deliveries will now be made weekly and a limit of 20 holds per user will apply at any one time.”

“We are really happy to be able to offer this service as it enables our members access to an incredible number of resources, however moving books involves carbon miles and costs for the borrowing library so we must be cognisant and use the service responsibly.”

“We are also able to purchase resources that are not in our local collection and have a dedicated purchase request service for this.”

Victorian public libraries have worked together to identify ways to reduce the costs of delivering inter-library loans. Services have been streamlined, and the most cost-effective methods of moving items across the state have been identified. Consideration has been given to the most equitable ways to ensure all libraries receive value for money.

“Having the inter-library loan service recommence is a great win for our community and we encourage you to make a request if there is a title or a resource we can order for you,” said Ms Twyford.


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