Detox Your Home

Published on 05 August 2022

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Rural City of Wangaratta Council invites residents to get ahead of their Spring clean by clearing out sheds, cupboards and under the sink areas of unwanted household chemicals and disposing of them safely at Sustainability Victoria’s Detox your Home event on Saturday 20 August from 9am to 12pm at Rural City of Wangaratta Works Depot, 51-69 Newman Street, Wangaratta.

Co-hosted with the Rural City of Wangaratta, Detox your Home is a free and convenient service for residents to safely dispose of everyday household chemicals such as weedkiller, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, cooking oil and much more.

“Council encourages correct waste disposal practices, the Detox Your Home program provides necessary controls and treatment of household hazardous waste, to ensure safe disposal” said Council’s Waste Services Coordinator Sean Ginnivan.

“Everyone in the community can help keep toxic chemicals out of the environment by registering online and bringing items to the Detox your Home event. It’s a free event that benefits the whole community.”

Detox your Home events are staffed by experts who identify and sort the chemicals for safe transport back to a licenced facility in Melbourne where they are processed for reuse or safe disposal.

Chemicals that can be disposed of also include items you can find around your home labelled Corrosive 8, Oxidizing agent 5.1, Toxic 6.1, Flammable liquid 3, Flammable solid 4.1, and detergents, glues, fire extinguishers and more.

Common products like cooking oil, cosmetics and cleaning products are all materials that can harm the environment and should not be placed in kerbside bins. Residents are urged to see Councils website for a comprehensive list of items that can be included in kerbside bins:

With community safety in mind, Detox your Home events are now drive-through and contactless, supported by a COVIDSafe plan.

Registration for the event is essential and can be done at Sustainability Victoria’s website: View a full list of what is accepted for disposal at Items accepted at Detox Your Home events | Sustainability Victoria

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