Veteran Home Care

Veterans’ Home Care is designed to assist veterans and war widows/widowers who want to keep living at home but need a small amount of practical help.

The program provides services to help you maintain your independence. A full list of potential services is further below.


You may be eligible if you are a Gold or White DVA Card holder living at home who needs coordinated services to help you to stay living at home. You will also need to be assessed and approved as eligible by a Veterans' Home Care Assessment Agency.

Check your eligibility and apply for services by calling an Assessment Agency on 1300 550 450.

Services that can be provided

Domestic help

This includes:

  • internal house cleaning
  • unaccompanied shopping
  • bill paying

Personal care

This includes:

  • showering
  • toileting
  • eating

Respite care

There are different types of respite care:

  • In-home respite – allows a carer to have a break while another carer comes into the home to take over the caring role.
  • Residential respite – provides short-term care, usually in an Australian Government-subsidised aged care facility.
  • Emergency short-term home relief (ESTHR) – provides short-term care in the home when the carer is suddenly unable to provide care.

Home and garden maintenance

This includes safety related maintenance such as:

  • replacing light bulbs
  • cleaning gutters
  • cleaning windows 
  • cleaning ceiling fans

It may include mowing and pruning. It does not cover major home repairs or routine garden maintenance. 


You will be asked to pay a co-payment towards the cost of the services. You can find more detail about the co-payment costs from the Department of Veteran's Health.