Citizenship Ceremonies

The Rural City of Wangaratta holds regular citizenship ceremonies to welcome new Australian citizens on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs. 

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for citizenship applications, approvals and when you can participate in a ceremony. 

Successful applicants are required to attend a citizenship ceremony as the final step of being granted Australian Citizenship. 

What happens at a citizenship ceremony?

You should allow for up to two hours for the ceremony.  

Once the ceremony starts there will be: 

  • a formal introduction 
  • speeches
  • an address to participants
  • the pledge of commitment 
  • National Anthem 

The presiding officer will ask you to repeat the Australian citizenship pledge out loud. 

You will become an Australian citizen after you make the pledge. 

Where and when are citizenship ceremonies held?

Ceremony dates and locations will be issues in an invitation emailed to the participant. 

Instructions for your ceremony

Your invitation to the ceremony will be emailed to you. The invitation will include the time and date as well as what you need to do to confirm your attendance.

You will also receive information about:  

  • the event format/schedule 
  • identification 
  • guests 
  • dress code 
  • transport options and parking
  • A photo consent & release form to be completed prior to the Ceremony.
  • instructions on how to participate in an online ceremony (when applicable)   

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend a Rural City of Wangaratta ceremony? Can I bring guests?

To attend a Rural City of Wangaratta ceremony you must be a citizenship candidate AND live within the Rural City of Wangaratta.

You are encouraged to bring guests to witness you take the Pledge and celebrate the occasion. There are restrictions of up to 5 guests per citizen.




How do I apply for citizenship?

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for citizenship applications, approvals and when you can participate in a citizenship ceremony.

To find out more visit the Department of Home Affairs website or contact 131 880.


What to bring for identification?

You need to bring your invitation to the ceremony and one form of photo identification: 

  • driver's license 
  • passport, or 
  • an official document with a photograph 

If you do not have photo identification, bring at least three (3) documents showing your name, address and signature: 

  • bank statement 
  • utility bill
  • credit card statement 


When do I get my citizenship certificate?

After you have made the pledge, you will receive your citizenship certificate. 

If your certificate is not ready at the ceremony, it will be posted to you. 

Your certificate is evidence of Australian citizenship once you have made the pledge. 


Dress Code

The ceremony is an important event where you make a commitment to Australia.

You and your guests should be dressed in formal or smart casual clothing, or your national or cultural dress, and groomed to reflect its significance.