Public Littering and illegal dumping

Clearing dumped waste costs Victorians around $30 million a year. Illegal waste disposal is a crime. It is pollution that impacts our health and threatens our environment.

Dumping rubbish on public land without permission is littering. There can be significant financial penalties for littering and the Environment Protection Authority may also prosecute more serious cases of illegal dumping. 

Many items that get dumped can actually be dropped off for free at Wangaratta Transfer Station including hard plastic, batteries, e-waste and household chemicals.

Report Waste on land that does not belong to Council

You can report online to the EPA or you can call on 1300 372 842. You can call 24 hours a day.

Report pollution to the EPA

Report litter from vehicles EPA 


Step 1.Make sure it's on council land

We can only remove dumped waste if it is located on land owned or managed by The Rural City of Wangaratta. We cannot remove waste from:

  • private property
  • land owned or managed by another government authority, for example, VicRoads, North East Water or Parks Victoria.

Step 2.Check if the waste contains identifying information 

Does the dumped waste include any items that may identify who left it there? For example, a bill or letter with a name and address. This helps us to identify who the waste may belong to. 

Step 3.Have your information ready

Please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • what type of waste it is
  • where the dumped waste is located (see below for more information)
  • how much waste was dumped
  • who dumped the waste, if applicable (for example, a vehicle registration number)
  • if the waste includes identifying information

When reporting dumped waste, please enter the specific address (street number and street name) where the waste has been dumped. 

If you are not sure of the exact address and you are using a mobile device, you can use the 'map' option to point to the approximate address. If you are not sure of the exact address and you are using a desktop device, please enter the closest choice, or contact us by phone.

Step 4.Complete the online form

 Report Dumped Waste




Step 1.Have your information ready

Please provide as much information as possible, including:

  • what type of waste it is
  • where the dumped waste is located
  • how much waste was dumped
  • who dumped the waste (for example, a vehicle registration number)
  • if the waste includes identifying information

Step 2.Call us

Call us 03 5722 0888 during business hours

Monday to Friday

8:30am to 4:30pm

Closed Public Holidays 


Shopping Trolleys

Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys not returned to their owners are considered litter.

They can be:

  • A hazard to pedestrians and road users
  • Unsightly in our parks and reserves
  • Have an environmental impact on drains and waterways.

Trolley Tracker

Trolley Tracker works with some of Australia’s largest retailers, encouraging the public to Return, Report and Reduce the impact of trolleys in the community and environment.

You can lodge a report anytime through the smartphone app, via the Trolley Tracker website or via the call centre 9AM-5PM Monday – Friday 

Which retailers can I report to Trolley Tracker?

Trolley Tracker can take reports of abandoned trolleys belonging to Woolworths, Big W, and Dan Murphy’s. For all other retailers we recommend getting in touch with them directly.

Trolley Tracker logo.png


If you have reported a trolley and it hasn’t been collected, please call Trolley Tracker on 1800 641 497 and let the operator know that you are proving a repeated report. The operator can then follow the report up with the local trolley collector as a High Priority.


Report a Trolley via Snap Send Solve

Visit Report trolley Snap Send Solve to report an abandoned trolley now, or download the app on your Snap Send Solve Apps on Google Play Android or Snap Send Solve on the App store iOS device.

Snap Send Solve is a quick and easy way to report an abandoned trolley without the need for a phone call or email. Just take a photo and send it to the relevant authority, or us. Snap Send Solve can be used on your computer and mobile device.


To report an abandoned trolley, you can directly report to the relevant authority:

For trolleys belonging to Coles, Kmart visit Coles trolleys or free call 1800 876 553 or use the Coles App.

  • Coles and Woolworths/Safeway have iPhone and Android mobile phone apps to report abandoned trolleys
  • Bunnings phone 1300 554 777
  • Target phone 1800 163 900
  • Officeworks phone 1300 633 423
  • Kmart phone 1800 124 125

ALDI report via online form Report Aldi's lost trolleys

Snap Send Solve trolley abandoned.jpg



Hard Plastic items, Timber, Concrete and Rubble

Hard Plastic

Did you know that the following plastic items are accepted for free at the Wangaratta Transfer Station

  • Garden pots, Baby baths, Clean buckets- no metal handles, Garbage bins, Washing baskets, Kids swimming pools/baths, Storage containers, Truck mudguards (no metal), Wheelie Bins, Rinsed out plastic drums


Timber, Concrete and Rubble

Timber, Concrete and Rubble can be taken to the transfer station.

Fees apply- Find out more: Wangaratta Transfer Station Fees and Charges


E-waste and Batteries

There are many types of e-waste accepted at the transfer station. Many items are accepted for free. Please wipe the hard drive of any computers, cut cords, cables and remove plugs before dropping them off. Accepted items include:

 Household and car batteries

  • Household and car batteries can be dropped off for free at the Wangaratta Transfer station.

Electrical and electronic tools

  • Drills, Lawn mowers, saws and sewing machines

IT and TV equipment

  • Computers, Laptops, Mobile phones, Printers, Remote controls, Televisions

Home appliances (large)

  • Air conditioners, Cookers, Electric fans, Microwaves* Refrigerators* Washing machines* (* accepted as scrap metal)

Lighting equipment

  • Compact fluorescent lamps, Discharge heat lamps, fluorescent lights, High-intensity LEDs

Home appliances (small)

  • Coffee machines, Hair dryers, Irons, Toasters, Watches


Household chemicals

Wangaratta Transfer Station is a FREE drop-off site for low-risk household chemicals and items. The following items are accepted:

  • Paint
  • Household batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

There is no restriction on the number or volume of household products, however, commercial quantities will not be accepted.

Paint tins

For further information please visit the Sustainability Victoria website or contact our Customer Service Team on 03 5722 0888.