Folk, Rhythm & Life Festival 2023 not going ahead

Published on 16 November 2023

Folk, Rhythm & Life Festival .png

With the Folk, Rhythm and Life Festival planned to take place in Eldorado in December this year not going ahead, Council is committed to working with event organisers and other authorities to consider how this festival can be supported in future years.

In consultation with external agencies and emergency services, the Rural City of Wangaratta has not been able to obtain satisfactory event documentation including an emergency management plan to ensure the health and safety of attendees at the planned festival in December. Council has therefore, made the decision not to approve the event plans as required by the planning permit.

With the safety of attendees unable to be satisfactorily established in the event documentation and the lack of time to test and approve amended plans, Council is unable to endorse the event going ahead in December.

Director of Sustainability and Culture, Stephen Swart said “Whilst we know this event not going ahead this year will be very disappointing, we must consider the practical implications of the dynamic event location and the potentially tragic outcomes should there be an emergency on site”.

“Rural City of Wangaratta works hard to encourage events taking place within the community and acknowledges the benefit that they provide. We have legislation guiding planning permits and work with experts in other agencies to make decisions such as this”.

“We have encouraged the event organiser to continue to work with us and other authorities to consider how future events can be supported including considering a different time of year and providing sufficient time for event plans to be considered and tested” Mr. Swart said.

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