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Understanding the needs of young people in Wangaratta

The Rural City of Wangaratta, in partnership with Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Gateway Health, North-East Health, NESAY undertook the wellbeing and youth consultation project to inform initiatives within the municipality.

This large scale consultation with the support and participation of staff and students at Wangaratta schools utilised The University of Melbourne Wellbeing Profiler for Schools.

The survey was administered to students at all of Wangaratta’s six secondary education institutions and also youth service providers.

In total, 1412 young people aged 12- 21 years old participated in the survey.

People’s wellbeing was measured across six key domains; Cognitive Well-being, Economic Well-being, Emotional Well-being and strengths, Physical Well-being, Psychological Well-being, and Social Well-being.

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