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Recycling Bin

Your yellow lidded recycling bin is for the collection of material that can be recovered and remade into useful products.

Generally the majority of household waste is recyclable, however many people do not realise quite how much can be recycled.

What goes in the recycling bin? What doesn't go in the recycling bin?
Paper and cardboard Waxed cardboard
Rigid plastic containers and bottles with codes 1-7 Hard plastic such as broken toys
Glass bottles and jars Window glass and drinking glass
Aluminium and steel cans Gas cylinders
Aerosol cans Electronics
Foil containers Batteries and car parts
Phone books Polystyrene
Newspapers and magazines Plastic bags
Plastic plant pots Computers
Shampoo bottles Crockery and tableware
Biscuit trays Rope, strong and wire
  Clothing, shoes and fabric
  Food waste
  Green waste


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