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Your red lidded garbage (landfill) bin is for the disposal all other waste materials that cannot be separated into the green or yellow bins.

For most households the majority of this garbage waste will be soft plastics, wrappers and general refuse like broken crockery and hygiene products. If you have young children, their nappies should go in the red bin.

Larger Items including timber, concrete, furniture and metal cannot go in your red bin, please dispose at your nearest Transfer Station. For information on Transfer Station locations and opening times click here.

What goes in the garbage bin? What doesn't go in the garbage bin?
Hard plastics (not recyclable containers) Recyclable containers
Polystyrene foam Paper & cardboard
Broken crockery and glass Greenwaste and food waste
Plastic wrapping Cooking oils and fats
Plastic bags Liquid chemicals
Nappies Asbestos
Waxed cardboard Electronic waste (ewaste)
Broken toys Flammables
Rope and string Hot Ash
Hygeine products Batteries
Washing baskets Timber


How can I reduce my household waste?

Here are a few tips to help you avoid waste:

  • Use reusable shopping bags or cardboard boxes at the supermarket, or if you only have a few things don’t use a bag at all.
  • Choose products with less packaging while shopping.
  • Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letterbox.
  • Receive bills and correspondence via email rather than by post.
  • Purchase rechargeable batteries.
  • Dilute strong household cleaners to make them last longer.
  • Plan meals to help reduce food waste.
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