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Road Safety and Mobility Scooter Recharge Points

Road safety

Older drivers generally drive less frequently and cover smaller distances than younger people, according to Victoria Police research. Despite this, drivers aged over 65 are seven times more likely to be killed than the lowest risk age group.

It is important for drivers aged over 65 to go through the following safety questions in relation to their driving:

• Do I have difficulty turning my head to see over my shoulder?

• Do I find driving for an hour or more exhausting?

• Do I have difficulty maintaining concentration while driving?

• Have I had an increasing number of ‘near misses’ on the road?

• Have passengers warned me about things on the road I have seen too late?

• Are my children concerned about me driving my grandchildren?

• Do I find it more difficult to see at twilight than I used too?

• Am I more uncomfortable in heavy traffic than I used to be?

If any of these answers are yes, it is time to seek alternative means of transport that could include public transport or driving in daylight hours only.

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Mobility scooter recharge points

Many senior residents rely on mobility scooters or wheelchairs to help them get around. It is important to keep the scooters and wheelchairs charged up.  

There are currently mobility device recharge points King George V Garden and in the Bicycle Hub in Ryley Street (outside of Merriwa Park). 

The website below is a useful guide to help residents plan trips or holidays as it lists the location of recharge points throughout Australia.

This will help with any concerns regarding running out of battery, which helps create a more accessible and inclusive community for all senior residents.

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