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Healthy Living

Physical and Social Activities

Living an active and socially-inclusive life into retirement and the senior years results in a happier and healthy lifestyle.

Research shows senior residents who take part in planned activities and regularly catch up with other members of the community benefit not only in a fitness sense but also mentally.

Wangaratta residents can choose from a range of activities run by organisations such as Gateway Health and Northeast Health.

These include:

  • Strength and balance classes to maintain flexibility and all-round health
  • Exercise and relaxation classes
  • Specialised gym sessions
  • Walking groups tailored to individual fitness levels
  • Memory support classes for both residents and carers
  • Focus on foot health and podiatry services to help maintain foot care

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Volunteering is the very essence of a community. It indicates how cohesive residents work together and provides vital links between both the young and the aged in the community.
The benefits to the mental and physical health of residents cannot be underestimated.
Additional benefits include:
•    Increased self confidence
•    Provides a sense of purpose
•    Increases happiness
•    The feeling of making a difference
•    Meeting people and remaining part of the community
Senior residents are encouraged to consider what they can give back to the community. This could include volunteering to help another resident with gardening, arts and craft, playing cards, going for a walk, spending time at a musical event or theatre production, listening and reading.
In 2016, 25.7 per cent of Wangaratta residents reported doing some form of volunteer work to assist the community.
The North East Victoria Volunteer Skillsbank is one organisation that provides a free service to match the skills of volunteers with a role in the community that would suit them.
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Seniors Festival

Due to COVID-19, the Wangaratta Seniors Festival may be run differently. Please keep checking this page for further information. 
Each year around the state, older members of the community get together to celebrate the Victorian Seniors Festival.
This year, the Seniors Festival will be brought direct to the home through online performances, Zoom interviews and story-telling, with three new broadcasts a week from April 2020. 
The Seniors Festival has been operating for 38 years and people are invited to get in the groove - with performances from many of their favourites and some new performers to be enjoyed.
Here is the link to watch the broadcasts:
Reimagined radio to come too!
In June, radio broadcasts of plays, serials and music features will commence – again, check this page for further information.


Wangaratta and surrounds boast the perfect location to host events year-round. 
The supporting infrastructure within the town allows many events to be held, attracting thousands of people from all over the state and Australia.
The Rural City of Wangaratta works hard to attract sporting events including AFL games, cultural events and expos as well as food and wine festivals.
The Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre provides a great array of live shows and amazing performances.
The Visit Wangaratta website below provides an up-to-date list of events throughout the year.
More information:

The Access Spot

The Access Spot in King George V Gardens will be a one-stop shop for anyone wanting information about what is available in Wangaratta and surrounds for you, our older and senior residents.
This will include extensive information about Council services, including community transport, events and healthy living options. 
An 1800 number will be manned by volunteers or people can physically call in to The Access Spot to obtain information. 
The Access Spot is being run in partnership with the Rural City of Wangaratta, Community Accessibility and Northeast Health Wangaratta. 
The improvements to The Access Spot will open early in 2021. 
Keep checking this page for further information.

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