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In the Rural City of Wangaratta there are several options for firewood collection at firewood depots and on approved roadsides. See below for more information.

Collecting firewood from roadsides

The collection of roadside timber is only available on lower conservation roadsides throughout the Rural City of Wangaratta. This is to ensure the protection of our fragile woodlands. Roadside vegetation provides important habitat to animals such as parrots, kookaburras, owls, possums, gliders, bats, and geckos. All of these local residents are on our high conservation road reserves and require hollows and fallen timber for shelter and homes.

Roadside Firewood Permits are required to collect wood from roadsides. These are available from the Wangaratta Government Centre, where staff will determine if roadsides are suitable for collection.

Roadside Firewood Permits (available from the Wangaratta Government Centre only) 

  • $21.90 Non Concession
  • $14.60 Concession Card Holder

For further information please download "A guide to Firewood Brochure" (see below) or contact the Rural City of Wangaratta on (03) 5722 0888.

Community Firewood Depots

The Rural City of Wangaratta has established two firewood depots located at Eldorado and Glenrowan. The depots assist the community to maintain access to a sustainable firewood supply, and reduce the need to remove timber from roadsides. Fallen timber (especially hollows) are important habitats and shelters for small animals; over time they break down and place valuable nutrients back in to the soil. 

Timber at firewood depots is supplied by a combination of storm events and routine works by Councils Arboriculture Team. This means timber supply is not guaranteed and is likely to be green rather than seasoned.  It is advisable to check what material is in the depot before purchasing a permit. The wood is made available as logs so a chainsaw is required to collect timber from the depots. When operating a chainsaw it is important to remember to use personal protective equipment such as: cut proof pants or chaps, ear muffs, hard hat, steel capped boots and protective eyewear.

Rural City of Wangaratta (RCoW) Firewood Permits can be purchased at the following locations:

Location Details Where to purchase a permit
Eldorado Firewood Depot Between Main St and Trezise St, Eldorado

Eldorado Post Office (McEvoy Tavern and General Store)

Wangaratta Government Centre

Glenrowan Firewood Depot Rifle Range Road, Glenrowan

Glenrowan Post Office

Wangaratta Government Centre

Roadsides Low conservation roadsides only. Customer Service staff will determine if the roadside is suitable for collection. Wangaratta Government Centre


Council encourages residents to collect from their nearest township to enable even distribution of firewood. Firewood Permits are required to collect firewood from Council firewood depots and approved roadsides. These are available from the Glenrowan Post Office, the Eldorado Post Office and the Wangaratta Government Centre.  A permit is needed for works on road reserves and depots and assist Council to understand firewood demand. The fees assist in maintaining and stocking the firewood depots.

  • $21.40 Non Concession and
  • $14.30 Concession Card Holders

Firewood can also be collected from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) collection areas that are open on a seasonal short term basis. Please visit the DELWP Firewood webpage for information and maps of designated firewood collection areas.

For further information please download "A guide to Firewood Brochure" (see below) or contact Council on (03) 5722 0888.

View the locations of the Firewood collection areas below.

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