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Do I need a Planning Permit?

Whether you need a planning permit or not will depend on a number of factors.

These include the zone in which your land is located, whether any overlays apply to your land or if the development or use is subject to any 'Particular Provisions' in the Planning Scheme. This information can be found in the Wangaratta Planning Scheme.

The Wangaratta Planning Scheme sets out policies and controls for the use, development and protection of land within Rural City of Wangaratta.  The Wangaratta Planning Scheme governs whether a planning permit is required.   Planning permits are legal documents containing State and Local planning policies, zones and overlays and other provisions that affect how land can be used and developed.  Permits may be required in some areas to demolish existing buildings (in part or whole), to remove or trim vegetation (even if you planted it) and to use land or buildings for a new purpose (even when no construction is required).

It’s important not to confuse planning permits with building permits. Building permits relate to the construction of a building or structure. You may need a planning permit prior to obtaining a building permit.

Planning permits are required before you start work and before a building permit can be legally issued. 

Some of the most common reasons people require a planning permit include: 

  • constructing or altering a building of any kind
  • starting a new use on land (especially if it may create demand for car parking)
  • subdividing land
  • clearing or lopping native vegetation from land
  • establishing a business (including working from home)
  • advertising signage
  • keeping animals

It is your responsibility to find out whether you require a planning permit. It’s a good idea to check with us to determine whether you’ll need a permit. We can deal with some simple questions on the phone; however we recommend you make an appointment to discuss more complex matters. We can help to guide you through the process and permit requirements. We can also offer advice about government policy guidelines that need to be considered for your development and supporting information you'll need for your permit.

It is an offence to carry out any use, or to develop land, if that use or development requires a planning permit and a planning permit has not been obtained.

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