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Applying for a Planning Permit?

It is recommended that you consult Council's Planning Department early in the process of preparing an application to ensure you are aware of all submission requirements. 

Council cannot process an application until all relevant information has been submitted.

There are two streams of planning permit applications: 

  1. Those assessed under the standard planning process
  2. Those assessed under the VicSmart planning provisions  

It is important that you understand which type of application you need to apply for as the application form and information that is required to be submitted with your application will be different.  Applications meeting the VicSmart criteria are generally simple applications and have a 10 day assessment timeframe.

Please ensure you have all relevant documents (listed below) when submitting an application. For application fees, please refer to the Planning Fee Schedule.

Applying for a subdivision

If you're considering a subdivision, you'll need to submit a planning permit with all the required information. 

If you’re unsure about whether you need a planning permit, we can help. Call and make an appointment with us to discuss your options. 

Subdivision applications can be prepared online using SPEAR and lodged with the Rural City of Wangaratta.   SPEAR offers end to end processing and tracking of applications including lodgement, referrals, public viewing, Council determination, and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) appeals.

SPEAR is linked directly to Planning Schemes and Planning Maps online, assisting applicants by allowing them to confirm property details and check documents, thereby minimising application errors.

Council's Planning Department would like to encourage you to lodge your subdivision application via SPEAR.  Not only will it allow you to see the status of an application anytime, the State Government has determined that the processing times for applications lodged on SPEAR are 30% less than those lodged in the normal way.  This is because key steps in the process, such as referrals, can occur with the click of a button instead of following the traditional hard copy mail process.

For more information about submitting an application for subdivision contact the Planning Department on 03 5722 0888.

Amendments to your Planning Permit

Under Section 72 of the Planning & Environment Act 1987 an application may be made to amend most planning permits.  Amendments can be sought to:

  1.             alter endorsed approved plans
  2.             remove or change planning permit conditions
  3.             change the use or development for which the permit was issued
  4.             extend the life of a permit

If the amendment to the approved plans is relatively minor, you may be able to apply under secondary consent if it is considered the changes would be unlikely to cause detriment to other properties or affect the interest of a referral authority.

You are encouraged to speak with a planner about whether your proposed amendment could be considered under secondary consent or if you are required to submit an application to amend the permit.  Contact Council's Planning Department on 03 5722 0888.

Extension of time for a Planning Permit

Before a planning permit expires, or within six months afterwards, the owner or occupier of the land to which the permit applies may ask Council for an extension of time to the life of the permit.


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